Good news, we are offering free advertising for your business! We are the only appliance repair directory on the web and as of recently we have decided to let business owners advertise on our website FREE of charge. Just submit your business listing and then add our Appliance Estimate Certified Badge and you are all set to receive free appliance calls. Each day hundreds of customers use our website to find affordable appliance repair companies so don’t miss out on the FREE leads.


Here is what you need to do to get a free business listing:


Step 1 : Submit your listing by clicking on the button below

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 Step 2 :  Add the Appliance Repair Estimate Badge to your website’s home page. Click Here for instructions.

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Step 3 : Call us at (713) 609-9344 and let us know you have added the badge to your website and we will activate your listing right away so you can start being seen on our directory.


Why should I add my business to this directory?

  • It’s free advertising for your company
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